Can I just take a minute to proselytize about the most perfect healthy recipe I’ve ever found?

Maybe I’m late to the party and y’all have already come across this, but if not please don’t sleep on chickpea spinach stew – I’ve been making [Kenji’s version]( but there seem to be quite a few out there that are very similar.

This dish literally has. it. all. Tons of flavor, GF, dairy free, low-carb, low-fat, vegan, packed with vitamins, it seems to fit within almost all diets and definitions of “healthy” (caveat – probably not Whole 30 or Keto, and GF would need to sub GF soy sauce).

Oh, and it freezes beautifully. I eat this at least once a week and always have a few containers stashed away in the freezer for when I reeeeally want to be lazy and order takeout.

As someone who does NOT like “healthy food,” and eating well is a real struggle, this dish is nothing short of a gd miracle.

That is all.

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